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Eco-Friendly Collision Repairs in Toronto

Forest Hill Auto Body is Toronto’s leader in eco-friendly collision repairs. We use low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints to help protect air quality. All of our solvents are recycled and reused for cost efficiency and to maintain environmental standards. Our goal is to eliminate the use of solvent-based paints while shifting to water born refinishing technology.


Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials

Forest Hill Auto Body has contracts with waste management to pick up hazardous waste on a regular basis so these toxins won’t affect our community. Our spray booths have a down draft system and are equipped with high volume, low pressure gun applicators.


Recycling is an Important Part of Our Business

We use products, equipment and procedures that lower the amount of waste produced. Recycling is a major part of our business so we reuse and recycle solvents for general cleaning purposes. All of our employees are well trained and environmentally responsible.

We stand above the competition because we care about you and the environment by making sure our facility is green friendly.

Rejuvenate your ride with Forest Hill Auto Body
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